Hey there!  I'm Jason (internet peeps you may call me Shutterhead).  Super happy you stopped by!
A little bit about me:  I'm a follower of Christ, husband to a beautiful girl and father to 2 bold and budding boys.  I grew up on Long Island.  Yep, I know, but it was long enough ago that the accent and attitude have been tamed down a bit by the Florida life.  Yeeahaw.  Growing up was great.  Mostly a life of surfing, sk8ing, tricking out on bikes and obsessing over music.  I'd like to think that not much has changed.  As responsibility took root, I pursued my love for architecture and sketching out my dreams, then video and photography entered the picture yet somehow I ended up with a degree in mechanical engineering.  Go figure.  I never put the camera down and eventually everything came full circle as God opened up a door for me to work full time doing what I love.
I work for a company built on a passion for making a difference in this world - Trades of Hope.  I get to bring my creativity to a team of other super talented people, all focused on helping women and men around the world claim victory of poverty.  When I'm not changing the world, I'm a freelance photographer, FAA certified drone pilot and filmmaker and this is my sort of official playground for that.
Thanks for stopping by!
- Jason