Hey there, glad you stopped by. I'm Jason. My deal is photography and design for web and print. The internet has evolved to be a cookie cutter experience in these fields. Everybody mimics the latest Instagram look, the same web layouts. Jumping from one site to another feels the same to me. My wife and I were at an event at Snap flipping through a photographers printed book and it dawned on me - do my site like this. Flip through my site more like a book. So that's plan. This website has no trickery to it but will best be experienced on the desktop. No $15 a month Pro plans with the hottest new theme, just simple, raw imagery. It's all done on a basic server with no back end, no database, no theme. Each page will be created with just html and (maybe) a little javascript, uniquely coded to best present the images on the page. This will be a creative process in itself and I am hoping this will be what makes this a engaging process for me and a fresh perspective for you. Bookmark me and come back when you can!