Jason Matthias Soto
Husband, father, ocean dweller, surfer.  I ♥ music, food, doggies, space, off-roading, Volkswagens, all things Porsche, urban exploration, the wilderness, getting lost, Nordic architecture and design ....
Professionally, I have made careers out of engineering, photography, design, web development and product management.  I am a Product Manager for the Investment applications at Merrill Lynch.
Since you are here for the photography, I have freelanced as a portrait photographer for since forever, shot professionally for a fashion company for 7 years and fly drones for creating fine art.  I take on work by word of mouth only, if I do at all these days ... no longer chasing followers, keeping a portfolio ....  Doing things the old school way and lovin it.  Loving life without the pressure.  Just chillin.
God bless.
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